Don’t Play with Fire Shot List

Title: Don’t Play with Fire
Year: 2014
Category: Values Ad
Description: a 30-second Calamity Values Ad for fire prevention month, Featured ABS-CBN Bacolod
Produced by:
Role: Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Video Editor

00:00- 00:02 CU to a toy Slow piano instrumental
00:02- 00:04 CU to a doll
00:04-00:06 CU to a pair of shoes
00:06-00:08 CU to piece of clothing
00:08-00:14 Dip to black Piano instrumental music rises then decreases volume
Match Strikes and burns
00:14-00:16 Fade into a match lit against dark background
00:16-00:18 Dip to black
CU to a burnt toy Slow piano instrumental continues
00:18-00:20 CU to a burnt doll
00:20-00:22 CU to a burnt pair of shoes
00:22-00:24 CU to burnt piece of clothing
00:24-00:26 Dip to white, smoke fills the screen
00:26-00:28 “Don’t play with fire.”
00:28-00:30 Credits:  (Lower Right Corner)
Georgia Louise Daganasol
AB Communication Department

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