Title: Wedding Year: 2017 Client: Alan and Mercy Young Type: Invitation and Thank you card Description: Thank you card and Invitation Designs. Version 2.0  

San Sebastian Cathedral

Title: San Sebastian Cathedral Year: 2012 Client: Personal Project Type: Photo Editing Description: I took this photo from a car’s passenger’s seat. I hated how these low hanging electrical wires ruined the view of a beautiful structure so I took them out.

Communication Department Poster

Title: Communication Department Poster Year: 2010 Client: Personal Project Type: Poster Layout Description: A mishmash of Communication and Media related items made into a collage.

Vector Portrait

Title: Vector Portrait Year: 2014 Client: Personal Project Type: Photo to Vector Conversion Description: This was a project for our Desktop Publishing class      

Pope John Paul II Tower

Title: Pope John Paul II Tower Year: 2010 Client: College Course Requirement Type: Poster Description: This is one of the earliest graphic design projects I had in college. I didn’t really care about typography back then. Heck, I didn’t even know how important it was so we ended up using all these fancy-looking fonts. It’s not…


Title: Newsletter Year: 2014 Client: College Course Requirement Type: Freewriting Newsletter Format Description: One of our English professors back in college used to require us to keep a journal for writing practice essays. She’d give us a random topic to freely write about and we are supposed to write about it non-stop, for three minutes. This…

Mass Comm Shirt

Title: Mass Comm Shirt Year: 2013 Client: Mass Comm Society Type: T-Shirt Design Description: In 2013, our society president requested me to design the shirt for that year. I saw it as an opportunity to leave a legacy for the department and since I didn’t like how the shirts were designed in the years prior,…

Tarpaulin Layout

Title: Tarpaulin Layout Year: 2014 and 2015 Client: Neel Dalumbar Type: Tarpaulin Print Layout Description: My ever supportive friend and classmate Neel has been giving me projects every now and then since we graduated. Here are a few of the projects I did for him in the past few years.

Halad: Horror Room 2013

Title: Halad: Horror Room 2013 Year: 2013 Client: Mass Comm Society Type: Teaser, Poster, Ticket Layout Description: The Horror Room is an Annual Fund-raising project of the Mass Comm Seniors held every September during the University Week of La Salle -Bacolod. A new theme is conceptualized every year and our batch came up with the…

Geriatrics Poster

Title: Geriatrics Poster Year: 2014 Client: Classmate (pro bono) Type: Poster Layout Description: Extended some help to a friend in creating the layout for her Senior’s Project Poster.

Golden Pies

Title: Golden Pies Year: 2016 Client: Mercy Daganasol (Voluntary) Type: Branding/Logo/Graphic Design Description: My mom used to make these little, stuffed pastries which we sold around the city and in my workplace. It garnered positive feedback from the people around so I thought it would be nice if we could create a brand for it…

Elements: Bilib Awards 2013 Poster

Title: Elements: Bilib Awards 2013 Poster Year: 2013 Client: Mass Comm Department (Voluntary) Type: Poster Layout Description: Each Year, the Communication Department’s Events Management class is tasked to sponsor the annual Mass Comm Bilib Awards, where students in the department are recognized for their outstanding performance in a specific category. I did not enroll for this…

Pasil Beach Feature

Title: Pasil Beach Feature Year: 2011 Client: College Course Requirement Type: Feature Writing Article/Photojournalism Description: As part of our college course requirements in Writing for Print, our professor requested us to scout for undiscovered gems within the island that we can write an article about. As an impulse, I sought help from a friend who took…

Callalista Shirt

Title:  Callalista Year: 2016 Client: Callalista de Bacolod (Volunteer) Type: T-shirt Design Description: This was a shirt design I proposed to my group of friends for printing. The colors were inspired by Callalily’s latest album:

Roadshow Backdrop

Title: Roadshow Backdrop Year: 2012 Client: BNeFIT Type: Backdrop Tarpaulin Layout Description: After creating the logo for BNeFIT, I was tasked to create a backdrop for their upcoming event. It was a simple layout but due to the size of the layout 8 ft x 5 ft, I had to recreate each of the company…


Title: Binhi Year: 2014 Client: Classmate (pro bono) Type: Digital Graphic Conversion/Layout Description: I worked on several projects back in college. Projects that were not really of my own but I didn’t mind helping since I’d always think of it as something to add on to my portfolio soon (I mean this). *grin* Yeah, so…


Title: Debut Year: 2011 Client: Personal Project Type: Invitation, Thank You Card and Desktop Wallpaper Description: I’ve always had that desire of doing things on my own so I can add my personal touch to it. It’s March and my birthday was fast approaching. We couldn’t afford to throw a large ball-themed party most girls my…