Music that comes from the heart paired with a heartfelt, all-emotions-poured-out singing of their band vocalist Kean Cipriano – for 12 years – Callalily made its mark in the OPM industry and has won the hearts of many girls (and boys) in my age group. With their timeless pieces, Callalily’s music marked the memories of our teenage years and continues to evolve up to this day.

Ten years has it been, and I’m still a fan.
In that 10 years, however, I never got the chance to meet the band.
And when I did, it kind of felt like just the same.
All the feelings I had, hasn’t ever really gone away.

I felt the rush, excitement filled the air
I never wanted it to be over, the whole time I was there
It was a moment of euphoria and bliss.
I thought to myself, “I couldn’t be happier than this”

I felt my heartbeat synchronize, to the thudding sound of every beat of the drums.
The rhythm of guitars, got me jumping up and down.
It was a moment when for once, I was with the crowd
A place which I’ve avoided is where everybody’s around

I committed to memory, the music, the people and the sounds.
It was a moment of freedom, I didn’t seem to mind that the music was too loud.

For some reason, I imagine myself rapping that poem with influences of every Twenty One Pilots song I had in mind. But well enough of poetry.
Here it is, the gallery of all the photos I took from that night.