Ely Buendia

It’s still fresh in my memory, that moment when I saw a banner of Ely Buendia’s (Former vocalist of the OPM band Eraserheads) concert in Bacolod. My heart skipped a beat and I stood there frozen while staring at it. I remember telling myself that I would do EVERYTHING I can to make the most out of the experience and to make sure I found a way to get close to the stage.

I only bought a courtside seat ticket. But did you ever have that moment when you’d just allow your determination to bring you to places where you wanted to be? It was that day for me. It’s a proof of “when you put your heart into something”, plus “when the odds are in your favor”, there’s only a slim chance that you won’t succeed. Because I did. That ticket gave me access past the VIP area. I was literally in front of the stage with the other photographers and got to stay there for the entire duration of the show. It was the most memorable concert experience I had, and I cherished every moment of it.

This man is a legend in the Philippine OPM industry and just merely being there seeing him perform live – those songs that resounded to the memories of my childhood – felt like I was part of something big. I knew everyone in that concert felt that too. It was that nostalgic euphoria that filled the coliseum.